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Last Update: 26 Apr 2017
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Closed Date

1. MBKS/ICT/QUO2017 No.27 Supply and Delivery of 9 units Desktop Computers 28 April 2017
2. MBKS/ENG(Q)-NO.2/2017 (Recall) Drain repair works of 1.8m and 225mm wide concrete drain at Lorong Urat Mata 2A1, Kuching 28 April 2017
3. MBKS/KFF/TQ/7.1(1/2017) Tender
1. Indoor and outdoor Trade Fair
2. Softdrinks, ice flakes, ice 'kacang' and other assorted desert stalls
3. Games stalls and kiddy rides
4. Supply, install, maintain and operate PA and lighting system, special effects, music and song technicians
5. Cleaning services

1. Balloon stalls
2. Supply and delivery of aprons, chef caps and sports caps
8 May 2017