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Last Update: 16 Jul 2018
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One Stop Service CounterOne Stop Service Counter

We provide the following services at our counters during office hours:

Payment Counter

Payment may be made at the counter, lobby of MBKS Building.

Collection Hours Time
Mon - Thu 0800-1600
Fri 0800-1130

We also collect payment of bill from other agencies as follows:-
SBBS Bills

  1. Electricity bill from SESCO,
  2. Water bill from Kuching Water Board (KWB),
  3. Assessment Bill from Majlis Perbandaran Padawan (MPP) and
  4. Assessment Bill from Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU).

However, during the peak season for payment of MBKS’s Assessment Bills in the month of May and October, the collection hours for SBBS bills shall be as follows:-

3rd and 4th Week of May and October SBBS Bills Collection Hours Time
Mon - Thu 0800-1200
Fri 0800-1130

For more information, please contact 082-354200 ext: 351 / 598

One Stop Service Counter

Our one-stop counter at Ground Floor MBKS Building shall answer your enquiry. For more information please contact 082-354200 ext 547 / 546 / 544 / 543 / 542 / 572